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MINI Sharing. A more flexible way for small businesses to car share.

Some great news for small businesses looking for a car sharing solution that saves time and money.

MINI Sharing is a flexible and convenient new service that lets up to 10 drivers share the same MINI. Using our all-in-one intuitive app, individual team members can locate, unlock, access and drive the MINI. All using just one click, without the need for keys.

Meanwhile, the shared calendar function gives each driver complete visibility of availability, highlighting any free slots, and giving them access to the MINI when it’s their turn through a digital key.

It’s a simple, cost-effective way of making sure everyone gets the most out of your company MINI.

Along with the app (available for Apple and Android), MINI Sharing requires an easy-to-install module. This can be fitted to any MINI built after March 2021 by contacting Aftersales, or as part of a New Car order.

You can get your small business set up with MINI Sharing for £340. This includes the module, installation and a year’s subscription (extended subscriptions will then be charged at £40 per year). However, some retailers may charge for fitting.

One MINI. Up to 10 drivers. MINI Sharing is set to revolutionise car sharing for small businesses everywhere.

Contact your MINI Centre today to ask about a fitting.