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What information may be collected about you?

The following types of personal information about you may be collected:

  • Contact Details
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone numbers
    • Email address
  • Interests
    • Information you provide us about your interests
    • Including the type of vehicles you are interested in.
  • Website and Communication Usage
    • How you use our website and whether you open or forward our communications, including
      information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies (our Cookies Policy).
  • Sales and Services Information
    • Relating to purchases and services, including complaints and claims.
  • Device and Service Usage
    • How you use your device (mobile or vehicle) and services offered on the device.
  • Vehicle Configuration Details
    • Information about the features and current settings of your vehicle (identified by the Vehicle
      Identification Number).
  • Vehicle Technical Information
    • About how the engine and systems within the vehicle perform.
  • Vehicle / Device Location Information
    • Your vehicle’s or mobile device’s location.