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Service & Maintenance.

Let us take care of your car so you can take care of your business.

When ordering your BMW or MINI on the Business Partnership Programme you have the opportunity to include Maintenance with your monthly rental.

Lets face it, not all companies have a Fleet Manager whose job is to obtain tyre quotes, raise purchase orders and manage maintenance budgets for their company cars. In most cases these tasks fall to company managers, small business owners, or employees who have to fit these tasks in around their day to day responsibilities.

A maintained contract offers you and your company the convenience and reassurance of maintenance with a central point of contact. With total control over maintenance costs, you will never be faced with unexpected bills, can budget with confidence and manage company cash flow. Our maintenance team will work directly with your local BMW and MINI Centre, leaving you to get on with the minimum downtime possible.


Servicing & repairs

All scheduled and unscheduled servicing and repairs are covered within a maintained contract. We only use BMW and MINI main Centres, ensuring the highest quality work and a premium customer experience.


Tyre replacement & punctures

Tyres can account for over 40% of the cost of maintaining a vehicle and this rises significantly with higher mileage users and vehicles with upgraded wheel sizes. All tyre replacements and punctures are covered with a maintained contract. We operate a tyre policy within fair and reasonable usage limits.


Brake pads & discs

As with tyres, costs associated with brakes are often underestimated and can rise significantly with higher mileage users and vehicles with upgraded brake systems. The replacement of brake pads and discs is covered with a maintained contract.


Year 4 cover & MOT

BMW & MINI vehicles are covered by a comprehensive 3 year warranty. For vehicle contracts over 3 years, a maintained contract provides repair and breakdown coverage from month 37 onwards. In addition, MOT costs and associated repairs are also covered with a maintained contract.


Enhanced breakdown & recovery

Maintained contracts include enhanced coverage from one of the UK’s leading breakdown recovery providers who supply assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cover for UK and Europe includes roadside repair, recovery, onward travel, 48-hour relief vehicle or overnight accommodation in certain circumstances.

Who should take a maintained contract?

The value, convenience and reassurance of a maintained contract makes it an appropriate choice for all company car drivers and their employers. The method by which the monthly maintenance rental is calculated ensures the amount payable is tailored and appropriate for the vehicle and its intended use.

How much does it cost?

The monthly maintenance rental you will pay is calculated based on the model of the vehicle, mileage and contract term you choose. To obtain a quotation tailored to your needs and desired vehicle, please request a ‘maintained’ Business Partnership quotation from your local BMW and MINI Centre.

The Business Partnership Programme is funded by Alphabet (GB) Ltd, a BMW Group Company.