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MINI Personal Contract Hire

If you are opting out of a company car programme but still want to get the latest contract hire offers, discover MINI personal contract hire deals. With personal contract hire cars from MINI Business Partnership, you pay an initial rental followed by monthly rentals so that you can enjoy driving a MINI without any commitment.

What is MINI personal contract hire?

Personal contract hire (PCH) works like a long-term car rental, whereby you pay a set amount to borrow the car for an agreed period and simply hand it back at the end of the agreement. If you are someone that likes to change your car regularly to experience the latest model, our MINI personal contract hire is an excellent option.

How does MINI personal contract hire work?

MINI personal contract hire is simple. It starts with choosing a MINI that is right for you, deciding how long you would like your agreement to last and estimating your annual mileage.

When your MINI personal contract hire agreement comes to an end, make sure you are within your agreed mileage, that the model is in good condition and then return the keys of your MINI vehicle with nothing more to pay. Or take out a new agreement for a MINI vehicle of your choice.

For complete peace of mind on the road, you can also include service and maintenance as part of MINI personal contract hire agreement.

Eligibility Criteria. 

Prior to taking out a business car lease for personal use at MINI Business Partnership, you will need to provide one of the following:

  • A copy of the company/cash allowance policy stating the cash allowance and entitlement
  • A listed Director email confirming, that you are eligible to an allowance in lieu of the provision of a traditional company vehicle
  • A copy of your employment contract stating that the car is required for your role

Speak to your local MINI Business Partnership retailer to find out about the latest MINI personal contract deals or to learn more about how MINI personal contract hire can work for you.